Oklahoma City is one of the top 10 markets with the largest proportion of investor purchasers. According to a local real estate agent, many purchasers from California and New York are flocking to the market and purchasing everything. 

The population of Oklahoma City has increased greatly over the last ten years, which is approximately three times faster than the state’s overall growth as a whole. The mayor predicts that Oklahoma City’s expansion will result in an increase in employers and business owners.

If you are looking to invest in Oklahoma City, here are some recommendations from the leading property management company in the region, Keyrenter Oklahoma City. 

Nichol Hills

Nichols Hills is known for its sophisticated and classy residents. This part of Oklahoma City is the home to elderly families and the more established families of Oklahoma. From a spatial perspective, the area spreads over 1,000 acres with a population of slightly over 3,000. 

The area is also known for its green spaces and well-lighted streets. During the weekend, the families and their guests make their way down to the Oklahoma City Golf & Country Club for a round of golf. 

If price is not a chief criterion in your selection of an investment property, Nichols Hills comes highly recommended. 

golf course

Crown Heights

One of the recommended areas to invest in is Crown Heights. The neighborhood is also referred to as “Pill Hill” by locals because of the significant percentage of physicians and doctors in the area. 

Most of the homes in Crown Heights were constructed during the Tudor Revival and Colonial Revival styles and as a result, the neighborhood was recognized as part of the National Register of Historic Places. Purchasing investment property assures you of the preservation of the architectural style as well as the value of the property. 

Don’t let the age of the neighborhood get to you. The owners have modernized the amenities and fittings within the houses. The neighborhood is also becoming a popular night scene with the Crown Room and Sipango Lounge two of the local favorites.

Deer Creek

Deer Creek is located in Oklahoma City’s northwest part, between Piedmont and Edmond. Ascertaining the demographics of this area is quite tricky since it is a neighborhood rather than a city. However, if you’re looking for a great investment, it’s worth looking into, given the region’s ongoing interest in real estate.

There are many subdivisions with brand-new houses that have just been constructed or are about to be built, and it is highly well-liked by those who have kids. Additionally, several stores, eateries, and other retail outlets exist in the region. Most of the leading employers in the area are reachable within a short drive.

city restaurant

The excellent educational system is the primary factor in Deer Creek’s appeal to families. Due to a low student-to-teacher ratio, Deer Creek Schools are among the finest in the state. Potential parents moving to the area can be assured of comprehensive and quality education programs.  

Deer Creek offers a wide range of housing alternatives for those wishing to buy a house. There are more affordable houses with fewer bedrooms and smaller yards and more expensive houses with five bedrooms and some of the most cutting-edge features.


Norman, a forward-thinking neighborhood renowned for housing the University of Oklahoma, is also noted for its significant historical significance and number of public schools. The Santa Fe Railroad was truly the foundation upon which the town was constructed, and the Santa Fe Depot is still standing today with regular Amtrak service. 

Norman is an excellent area to live and invest in because of the inexpensive housing, historic downtown, casinos, and Sooner football games.

Norman’s typical sale price is a little lower than the average. Both its population and employment are steadily growing. Since the institution can accommodate over 30,000 students, landlords should anticipate a high number of rent-seeking students. 

Moore City

Moore City is the seventh-largest city in Oklahoma, located south of Oklahoma City and north of Norman, is a component of the Oklahoma City metropolitan region.

Moore is a state that values families. Moore City’s public school system is excellent. It offers neighborhoods that are peaceful and secure, as well as a standard of living unmatched in the metro area. 

bedroom with nightstand and closet

The growth and all that it offers are contained in Moore City. Although growth is encouraged, a lot of effort is made to retain a distinctive way of life.

One of its greatest features is the small-town atmosphere that residents and visitors enjoy in Moore City. Here, property owners can anticipate a high rate of return on their investments and have no trouble locating trustworthy tenants. 

Yukon City 

The town of Yukon is located west of Oklahoma City near Lake Overholser. The suburb has a spare suburban feel and is referred to as Oklahoma’s best city to live in and the safest place to invest in real estate. Yukon is renowned for being a family-friendly city that maintains a small-town feel. Yukon City offers a good atmosphere for life and safety. 

You don’t have to worry about noise or crowds because the area is quiet. The crime rate is significantly less than the Oklahoma state average. This makes Yukon City a safe, family-friendly place to settle down. Additionally, the city is rapidly growing in the number of citizens, retail spaces, and lively dining scene.

Bottom Line

Put Oklahoma City at the top of your list when considering the potential of real estate investing. The time to invest in Oklahoma City investment real estate is now thanks to the city’s impressive growth.

Keyrenter Oklahoma City is ready to help if you want to invest in the city. Keyrenter provides the expertise required to maintain profitability in a constantly changing market. Our crew is prepared to go to work right away, whether you own a property in Oklahoma City or the surrounding area. Contact us today, and we’ll be happy to assist you.