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Are you in need of a reputable and experienced property management company in Midwest City, OK?

Rely on the #1 property management company in the area for your rental properties. We are a Midwest City property management company and we have the resources, tools, and personnel to ensure that your property’s needs are well-catered to.

With us as your property manager, you can be assured that your rental properties are in the best condition possible and that your tenants will always have a smile on their faces. We set ourselves apart from other property management companies by curating great relationships with our landlords and tenants.

We have delivered property management services to Midwest City property owners faithfully for several years and we appreciate the diverse nature of their needs. We offer customized management packages that match each client’s needs.

To put ourselves ahead of the pack, we only hire the best property managers in the region. Our staff is highly skilled and well-trained to deliver property management services. Our clients can attest to their professionalism and quality service. To complement their services, we use the latest technology.

We have built a large client base of serious investors who value having qualified tenants, minimal maintenance issues, being a landlord without the full time job, and so much more. We have reliable office staff that will continually go the extra mile for each landlord and their tenants.

Get in touch with our team today for the best property management of your real estate investment.

Our Range of Midwest City Property Management Services

Keyrenter Oklahoma City has a reputation for being one of the leading service providers in the Midwest City region. Property owners rely on us to provide a comprehensive management solution for their property needs. To match their expectations, we offer a wide range of property management solutions for our Midwest City clients.

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Our Midwest City team has detailed some of the services that we provide:

Rental Assessment

You probably invested in real estate because of the good and stable returns that you can expect from your investment. This is dependent on how much you can rent your property for. From our experience in the Oklahoma real estate market, assessing how much you should charge for a property can be one of the most difficult tasks.

If you charge higher, you can expect high turnover while you can expect difficulty in breaking even should you charge lower. Trust in the team from Keyrenter Oklahoma City to perform a market appraisal of the neighborhood and advise you on the ideal rental price.

As a part of the appraisal, we will search the area for comparable properties that match yours in terms of size, amenities, and fittings. Our team will also consider any unique amenities that you have added to your Midwest City property that might give it a slight advantage. All this helps us determine the ideal rental price for your unit.

Rent Collection

Property investors have different visions that incite them to sink their assets into real estate. But central to the achievement of those goals is the full collection of rent. Without consistent rent, your investment will no longer feel viable. Our management company provides this service to ensure that each landlord gets their owed money for their rentals.

Keyrenter Oklahoma City will manage every single element in the rent collection process. We also have in place an efficient system that offers your tenants convenience and reduces the danger associated with handling hard cash.

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Have you heard issues in the past dealing with late rent payments? With Keyrenter Oklahoma City as your property partner, you can say goodbye to such matters. In the rare case that tenants do pay after the agreed-upon day, our team has the training to discuss the issue and figure out what went wrong, while avoiding serious problems with the tenant.

Tenant Screening

Oftentimes, we see landlords who are so focused on filling a vacancy, that they forget about the benefits of a high quality tenant. You want a good renter whom you can expect to pay their rent on time, treat the other neighbors with respect, and who will also comply with the terms of the lease agreement.

The property managers at Keyrenter Oklahoma City offer a comprehensive tenant screening solution that identifies high-quality renters. We carry out thorough checks that look into income, employment, credit history, rental history, and criminal background. Our goal is to only select the most qualified tenant from the current tenant pool.

A good renter will make your life easy and will respect the property as though it was their own, preventing damages resulting in repairs. Keyrenter Oklahoma City can identify such a tenant for you thanks to our refined tenant screening process.

Lease Administration

The lease agreement is the most important document for a property owner. It determines the rights and obligations of both parties, while also dictating the start and end of the lease.

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Keyrenter Oklahoma City can create a customized rental agreement that takes the particulars of your property into consideration. We also advise that you should never lease out your property without a lease in place. Without a lease, the terms of the agreement are unclear and you might put yourself in a difficult legal situation.

To ensure that your renters are complying with the provisions of the lease, our team will inspect the property regularly. Should we find any deviation, we will issue strict warnings and also enforce any penalties or fines as per the lease agreement.

Living in Midwest City

The urban area of Oklahoma is a buzz of activity with corporations competing against one another. While living in the city has its advantages, it doesn’t match up to the comfortable and peaceful living of the suburbs.

One of the leading Oklahoma City suburbs to live in is Midwest City. The neighborhood offers its residents a break from the high-paced life of the city and has a lot of green spaces should they want to take in some of the outdoor spaces.

Another advantage of residing in Midwest City is the cost of living. With inflation on the rise, households are looking to where they can save an extra buck or two. Residents of Midwest City pay less for healthcare, transportation, and utilities compared to their counterparts. The cost of housing is less than the national average.

Parents and households considering the move to Midwest City don’t have to worry about the quality of education offered. The public schools in the district are highly rated. Classen School of Advanced Studies, Harding Fine Arts Academy, Dove Science Academy, and Harding Charter Preparatory High School are some of the quality schools.

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Areas We Serve

In addition to Midwest City, Keyrenter Oklahoma City is proud to offer property management services in Tuttle, Edmond, Yukon, The Village, Noble, Norman, El Reno, Piedmont, Shawnee, Moore, and Del City.