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Let Us Manage Your Moore Rental Property

Keyrenter Oklahoma City is a leading, full-service management company, offering management solutions in Moore, OK, and beyond. We have the experience and expertise shown by the hundreds of properties in our portfolio.

We are represented by a team of expert property managers with the training, qualifications, and experience to care for your Moore, OK rental properties.

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Owning real estate as a serious investor is a great way to have passive income and generate a steady profit. However, being a landlord can become a full time job quite quickly. This is why you should utilize a full service property management company like Keyrenter Arkansas.

Our property managers and office staff are committed to delivering the best service to our property owners.

To complement their services, we make use of the latest technology to ensure that our clients always have a smile on their faces. We have maintained our reputation as the #1 business for Moore property management.

Reduce the risk that comes with the leasing of your rental property by calling in the top experts in Moore. Keyrenter Property Management Oklahoma City is the company to partner with for the management of your apartment or single-family residence.

Our Moore Property Management Services

Keyrenter Oklahoma City offers a wide range of property management services to its clients based in Oklahoma City and neighboring suburbs. Here are a few of our offered services:

Assessment Of The Rental Rate

Do you know how much you should charge for your Moore rental properties? The rental price affects your likelihood of vacancies, successful return on investment. Rely on the experts from Keyrenter Oklahoma City to provide a free rental analysis for your Moore, OK rental.

rental rate

Property Marketing and Advertising

Before marketing your rental properties, you need to ensure that they are renter-ready. What does this mean? A renter-ready property is one that is in its best condition possible; one which a renter can see at a moment’s notice and move in the next day.

Keyrenter Oklahoma City sets itself apart from other property management companies with its thorough approach. We can come in and perform an assessment, noting where to make changes and repairs.

Our property management business is known for our creative and tailor-made ads for your investment. Our ads consist of high-resolution photos and detailed description of the property and its amenities. The ads are circulated using both traditional and digital methods.

Keyrenter Oklahoma City also has a wide network of agents and realtors in the area. We can guarantee that your Moore property will have a stream of potential tenants looking forward to leasing the property in no time.

A Thorough Screening Service

Having invested in a rental property, you are probably looking forward to steady returns from your tenants. You can only guarantee this by thoroughly screening the tenants who you place on your property.

Many property owners lack the expertise and tools to do so. Don’t compromise on the quality of tenants. Call Keyrenter Oklahoma City.

tenant screening
Keyrenter Property Management has designed a comprehensive screening solution, refined over years and years in the industry. Our Moore property managers will ask your prospective tenants for personal and financial information to perform employment, income, credit history, rental history, and criminal background checks.

Keyrenter Oklahoma City is also aware of the provisions of the Fair Housing Act and will ensure that the screening complies with the regulations set.

Rent Collection

As a property owner, collection of rent can come with its own set of challenges. Some renters may delay payment on your real estate investment. There is also the risk of handling cash. Free yourself of all these challenges and hardships by relying on the team from Keyrenter Oklahoma City.

We will manage everything, from sending out reminders, to collecting, to processing rent payments from tenants. Should any of your tenants neglect rent payment on your investment, we are professional in dealing with these issues. We will ensure that every fine and penalty is paid.

Compliance With The Law

Similar to other ventures, leasing of property requires owners and their properties to be in compliance with county ordinances, State Landlords-Tenant Rules, and federal law.

To help you with the interpretation and implementation, you can rely on the premier property management company in the region.

Keyrenter Oklahoma City is also ready to advise our landlords in the case of any legal issue. We are just a call away.

Living in Moore, Oklahoma

Sometimes, you need a break from the hustle and bustle of the city. Located just a few minutes from OKC, Moore is a recommended suburb that has enticed professionals and households away from the city.

Professionals working in the downtown OKC area don’t mind the commute. If you choose to live in Moore, it would only take you 15 to 20 minutes to arrive at your workplace. In addition, the city doesn’t have busy traffic compared to other cities of a similar size. 

moore schools
Another advantage of living in Moore is the cost of living. With gas prices on the rise, most families are looking into cutting costs while still being able to enjoy the finer things in life.

Residents of Moore pay considerably less for housing, utilities, healthcare, food, and more. The difference in costs results in savings that can be funnelled to investments.

You don’t have to worry about schooling should you choose to live in Moore. The quality of schools in the district are top-notch, guaranteeing comprehensive education to your children.

Westmoore High School, Eastlake Elementary School, Brink Junior High School, and Oklahoma School of Science are some of the notable mentions.

With all these positive remarks on this OKC suburb, the next question is which neighborhood to invest in. From our experience managing property in the area, some of the recommended neighborhoods include Featherstone, Norman, and Greenland Trails.

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