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Let Us Manage Your Mustang Rental Property

Owning your Mustang rental home can quickly become a second job. This can be an exhausting endeavor for property owners with demanding careers or those who want to focus on spending more time with their family or other personal pursuits.

With Keyrenter Oklahoma City as your partner, you don’t need to feel stressed over property vacancies, dealing with maintenance and repair, collecting the rent on time, or conducting tenant screening. We perform all those challenging tasks, and more.

What’s great about letting a professional handle your rental business in Mustang is the time and effort you save, the greater resources you can access, and the outstanding industry expertise you can acquire.

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Keyrenter Property Management has efficient systems and is armed with effective marketing strategies. We know how to evaluate prospects and have ample experience and knowledge in advertising rentals and addressing tenant concerns and property issues. Our company welcomes managing single-family homes, condo units, complexes, and multi-family buildings in Mustang.

Under our management, you can trust that we’ll always work to maximize your rental earnings and provide stellar customer service to create long-term relationships with your renters.

Keyrenter Oklahoma City is established in Oklahoma City and has an excellent reputation in the industry. We have reliable property management services that ensure your tenants live in a habitable Mustang rental home. We also have a wide knowledge of property laws and always work to protect you.

Whether you have a single unit or multiple properties, Keyrenter Oklahoma City assures fair and proper treatment. Call us today at (904) 330 4040 and try our excellent property services as we offer the most viable property solutions that help in your rental investment’s success. You can also email us at [email protected] for more information.

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Our Property Management Services

Keyrenter Oklahoma City provides strategic marketing, meticulous tenant screening, timely rent collection, and effective property maintenance and repair. We also offer several guarantees: leasing guarantee, maintenance guarantee, tenant guarantee, and service guarantee.

Here are the benefits you’ll enjoy as our valued client:

1. Marketing of Your Rental Property

An empty Mustang rental can greatly affect your rental income. You need to know how to market and who to target. But you can waste precious time in the process of trial and error. Let a professional manager such as Keyrenter Oklahoma City handle the advertising side. We have the right tools and experience.

We create attractive images of your property, post them on high-traffic property sites, reach out to our trusted network to spread the word, and install professional signs. Your unit will also be prepared for property showings. We study the best features of your property and highlight them in the ads.

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2. Tenant Screening Process

It’s essential to conduct a tenant background check to ensure that you find a suitable renter. This can quickly become time-consuming, especially for new property owners. Keyrenter Oklahoma City applies an extensive tenant screening procedure to help you land the best renters in your Mustang rental home.

We check the credit score, verify employment, contact references, and check eviction and criminal records. We want to check every detail to protect you from financial losses, property damage, and complaints from your neighbors or other tenants in your property.

3. Crafting a Leasing Agreement

Without a proper leasing agreement, a lot of disagreements can happen between you and your tenant. The lease agreement details the property policies, pet policies, payment processes, and other specific conditions surrounding your Mustang rental home.

Keyrenter Oklahoma crafts a lease that supports the State laws and local regulations. It will contain the rights and responsibilities of the landlord and tenant. With our industry experience, this is an easy task for us. It will also be compliant with the property laws in Oklahoma.

4. Property Repairs & Maintenance

As long as your Mustang rental home’s upkeep remains superb, its value won’t diminish in the eyes of your tenants. They’re likely to keep signing a lease renewal. This is good news for property owners since you don’t have to spend so much time marketing or doing tenant screening over and over.

Keyrenter Oklahoma applies a preventive maintenance program and continually conducts consistent property inspections and maintenance. We immediately contact our solid network of vendors when repairs are needed. Our clients can gain more savings this way since property issues are addressed early.

Should property emergencies happen, you don’t have to handle calls or be out of your bed past regular hours. You can always rely on our prompt response. We’re also well-prepared and have backup contingencies, including an excellent repair team for unexpected situations.

About Mustang, Oklahoma

Mustang is well-recognized for being Oklahoma City’s bedroom community. Residents enjoy living in Mustang for its tranquil vibes, safe environment, and supportive community.

It attracts families, retirees, and working professionals with its easy access to urban amenities, recreational entertainment, highly-rated schools, and outdoor attractions that include hiking trails, aquatic centers, and biking paths.

Mustang is also filled with historic attractions making it a fun area to be based in. It gives pride to its wealth of agricultural history and offers multiple farmers’ markets. There is also plenty of dining selection you can choose from, including wineries.

Here are interesting things to see in Mustang, Oklahoma:

  1. Wild Horse Park
  2. Playbox Indoor Playland
  3. Mustang Dog Park
  4. Mustang Old City Park
  5. Mustang Veteran’s Memorial
  6. American Banjo Museum
  7. Science Museum Oklahoma
  8. Sam Noble Oklahoma Museum of Natural History
  9. Mustang Aquatic Park
  10. Mustang Town Center

(Source: Wikipedia)

Areas We Serve

We offer property management services in Yukon, Edmond, Oklahoma City, The Village, Midwest CityNoble, Norman, El Reno, Piedmont, Shawnee, Moore, Tuttle, and Del City. We plan on continuing to expand as well.