Shawnee Property Management Company

Let Us Manage Your Shawnee Rental Property

Are you looking for a Shawnee, OK property management company? Trust your property to Keyrenter Oklahoma City.

Thanks to the expertise and understanding of our staff, our services meet the needs of single-family homes, apartment buildings, and rental properties with several units. We know how difficult it is for homeowners to entrust their houses to property managers because of our experience.

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For this reason, we are sure to foster good relationships with both our landlords and tenants. Employing the best property management company to look after your property simply makes sense. The organization to contact is Keyrenter Oklahoma City.

Our Shawnee Property Management Services

Our knowledge of the property market has taught us that every rental property has its particular requirements that call for a tailored approach.

Each of our services can be specifically tailored to address both the demands of your tenants and the needs of your property. Here are some of our services in further detail:

Repairs and Property Maintenance

We make maintenance simple for both you and your tenants. We accomplish this by giving users access to an online portal, identifying the problem, and immediately dispatching one of our qualified technicians to the location.

To keep your property in its best possible condition, Keyrenter Oklahoma City has put together a list of qualified professionals and specialists. Our team minimizes maintenance inconveniences by streamlining procedures to identify and address issues as they arise.

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Our system ensures your money is only used for what is necessary, when necessary, and with the skilled contractors that we have approved.

Property Inspection

Keyrenter team is made up of experts who are aware of the fact that issues need to be dealt with efficiently. We complete property inspections prior to the tenant moving in, occasionally during the tenancy, and after the tenancy has ended.

We record all aspects while conducting a property inspection. Our focus on even the smallest details can help you save a lot of money and guarantees that your property is kept safe and in the condition you desire.

Tenant Screening

We developed a thorough tenant screening procedure that finds the most desirable tenants, so your home remains occupied by tenants who value your investment.

Our screening services include background checks, credit checks, income checks and employment history checks. We promise to only find Shawnee’s top prospective tenants through our service.

Through ads that target particular demands at a price that confirms great tenants, our program attracts the tenants you desire. We also help brand-new tenants with any queries or issues they might have.

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Property Marketing and Advertising

At Keyrenter Oklahoma City, we evaluate your rental property before listing it on the market to make sure it is renter-ready. This process entails making improvements, and changes to the home, inside and outside.

We publish our rental advertisements using conventional/print and digital techniques to optimize visibility and catch the attention of prospective tenants. As part of our advertising service, we answer possible tenants’ calls and hold open houses to showcase your rentals to potential renters.

Establishing the Lease Agreement

The lease agreement is the contract that establishes the relationship between the homeowner and renter. It outlines both parties’ obligations and rights in full. A lease agreement has legal consequences, including fines and penalties, should either party break its terms.

A lease agreement helps landlords protect their investment property, and it outlines the responsibilities and expectations of the tenant.

Handling Evictions

Every property owner has thought of eviction proceedings if they have difficult tenants living in their property. A difficult tenant will break your lease agreement’s provisions, which is why we stress the importance of thorough tenant screening.

In order for an eviction to be regarded as legitimate and enforceable, State laws need to be followed. The expert staff at Keyrenter Oklahoma City stays up to date on the changing laws, so you don’t have to worry. You can trust that the procedure will be carried out legally.

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Living in Shawnee, Oklahoma

Shawnee is a town in Pottawatomie County, Oklahoma, offering residents a break from the fast paced urban lifestyle that has been the norm in the country.

When it comes to the cost of living, Shawnee residents can testify that they pay less for utilities, healthcare, and transportation. In terms of housing, the median price is significantly less than the national average.

Shawnee offers families quality schooling and comprehensive education. Some of the renowned options in Shawnee include Grove Public School, South Path Creek, Dale Middle School, and Bethel Elementary School.